About Us

I spent hours wondering how I could put into a couple of paragraphs what "I" and us, Raw Bulk Foods Online as a company stand for. The truth is, it's way too long for one page and I would totally undersell us. So, I decided to go against the grain – no pun intended.

I am not going to write all the sales jargon or fancy marketing spiel and figure out how I fit in every buzz word you can think of surrounding sustainability, health, vegan and so on, as I do not believe our planet needs more talkers or heavy sales pitches.

I love the ocean & food of course;
I live on the Sunny coast with my husband & two vizsla dogs. I have had the pleasure of travelling over 30 countries, and I can tell you firsthand, hand on heart that this plastic pollution problem is real & affects the planet in places you would never envisage.

So let's clean this planet up together... what do you say?