Our Founder

Meet our founder Steph...

I have two dreams that fuel our relentless mission: to put an end to plastic pollution in our oceans and to bring about change in an industry overwhelmed by single-use plastics.

My promise to you is that I will show up every single day for you, our planet and our future generations to minimise our environmental impact at every turn of our business, whilst creating a company you feel proud to be a part of.

My promise at the start of our Kickstarter campaign funded by YOU legends was to be transparent, make sustainability easy for you and actually do honest good for the planet. We want to be a fixer not a bandage, whilst of course being steeped in style and class. With your help, we will continue pushing every boundary within the food industry to turn this plastic pollution problem around to hit our goals. We set a goal on day 1 of removing 6.5 million single plastic packets, which seems a lot but it's only 12,500 households...
can you believe that?.

I have had the pleasure of travelling over 30 countries and I saw first hand, that this plastic pollution problem is real. It affects the planet in places you would never envisage.

So let's clean this planet up together...
what do you say?

Our mission is to
clean up the planet,
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