Winning the war on waste has never been easier!

It's super simple: you order, we deliver, you return, we refill.

You order your PIMP YOUR PANTRY kit & your first pantry fill, choose from 250+ Australian grown staples as little or as much as you need. Bye bye FOOD WASTE and welcoming a HEALTHIER WALLET

Empty your pantry staples into your pretty pantry jars & tell single-use plastic cya later along with its friends carbon, pesticides & food waste.

Pop the empty bags into the reply paid envelope & send back to us for us to reuse over and over again

We reuse all pantry refill bags stop single-use plastic production & tree lobbing for new paper. Our packaging system is created from used materials how cool is that?

Much More Than Just A pretty Jar

Learn more about our materials

Sourcing and storing, we source direct from the local farms minus the junk, right here in Australia and then we store in our pretty bins made from recycled plastic – Yes, no NEW we are serious about reusing.

Pretty Refill bags delivered to you made from plants, ocean plastic and recycled bottles.

LIFETIME jars made sustainable.
shipped plastic free.
Designed to last.

When you have finished roll up our super-duper bags and send them back, we wash & reuse.