Will I get back the same refill bag?

Nope, but every bag is cleaned by a third party to food grade standard making it like a new bag again minus the waste.    

Does your produce have chemicals such as GMO, Sulphites, Bleached flours etc.

Absolutely not.. A firm NO… we do not believe in using chemicals that cause allergens for most people and quite frankly is not good for you or the planet.  On...

Will i get the same refill bags ?

Are your bags safe ?

Yes our bags are third party tested made and cleaned to food grade standard, we would argue they are actually much better than the single use plastics ones currently drowning...

Are all Your produce organic?

YES either organic or spray free we only source naturally grown ingredients     Why?   Because it eliminates nasty chemicals running into our waterways and there is NOWAY you want these...

Are You more expensive?

Maybe at first glance you may think so but we are not we have done a like for like across major supermarkets and we are cheaper for a better quality....

What are your Refill bags made from?

Is all your ingredients australia?

Over 90% yes we feel super strongly about sourcing ingredients here for the planet and your tummies. Why not 100% you ask? because some goods are literally impossible to get...

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