Does your produce have chemicals such as GMO, Sulphites, Bleached flours etc.

Absolutely not.. A firm NO… we do not believe in using chemicals that cause allergens for most people and quite frankly is not good for you or the planet.  On our website you will see on each individual product the free from.  



Where do you deliver?  

We deliver Australia nationwide every Friday..  


What is the delivery costs?  

We have a $10 flat fee for the average shopping cart weight & $20 if you are buying in huge volumes 


Do you do free delivery?  

No delivery cost are so high currently and the $10 does not even cover our cost so to do free delivery would be impossible for us. Free delivery doesn’t exist anywhere you are still paying for it with other brands in your product cost.  


Do we make money?  

Of course, we are a business, but most businesses have a profit of 60% so for example a $10 product is usually $4 to the producer and the remaining $6 to the major supermarket to have the privilege to sit on their shelf. We are built on splitting profit more to farmers, smaller slice for us and deliver better quality at a cheaper cost to you.  







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Our mission is to
clean up the planet,
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