1st Birthday white choc mud cake

1st Birthday white choc mud cake

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White Choc birthday cake 

Just add:

Mud cake mix bag mixtures

1.5 eggs or Egg replacement

135ml water

70ml vegetable oil

7.5g melted white chocolate (we used a vegan one) 

Optional grated white choc for the top - Highly recommend



Best Served as individuals a 12 cupcake tin or 6 Larger cupcake tin or alternatively will make a small cake :-) 

1. Combine cake mix, water & eggs and mix on low speed for 1min. Scrape bowl and continue to mix for a further 2 mins on high.

2. Using mixer to mix ingredients on medium, gradually adding vegetable oil over 2 minutes ( Can be by hand but make sure mixture is smooth)

3. Add melted choc and continue to mix on medium for a further minute.

4. Bake at 150-160 degrees for approx. 1 hour for gooey centre. 

(Baking time and temperature will vary from oven to oven)

For best results, allow too cool in tin for at least 10 minutes.



Be careful not to overcook..

Cooking times will vary for different size baking tins and cupcakes as well as different ovens. Keep your eye on them..

Always grease & use cupcake liners (Silicone or paper are great for this.)


Contains Gluten, And may contain Soy

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