Is organic worth the $$$

Is organic worth the $$$


Valid question? As budgets tighten, we hear you: Is it worth it?

A controversial answer sometimes. After years of studying food and spending hundreds of hours sourcing, I want to share my true findings for the 1st time. 

Let's undress non-organic ingredients first so we can fully understand it. More than 90% of non-organic ingredients will be grown with chemicals and heavily sprayed in today's world. Many of these chemicals are still unknown, and the research for the safe levels of use is mostly carried out by the chemical companies themselves and then the information provided to the FDA, EPA & FSANZ. Conflict much? 

How is this possible? Simple answer Money. Chemical industries are big $$. What we do know that over the past 20 years, the use of chemicals in growing crops has exploded.

After thousands of hours of research over the years? Many independent studies prove the link between eating these heavily laced foods are creating diseases in the body—cancer, autoimmune diseases, including coeliac disease & infertility (I can speak from experience here), gut issues, increased chances of depression, and increased chances of ADHD in children.

Quite often, hugely disrupting chemicals are eaten without your knowledge.

So, is ORGANIC worth the extra $? That's always a personal choice. I think, personally, with a healthy body eating nutrient-dense food, you will most likely eat less and spend less even though its more expensive produce. The better grown, the higher the nutrients, the less your body requires, and the more enjoyable life is.

Organic also is NOT perfect, but it's a leap forward in the reduction of exposure to harsh chemicals, especially glyphosate, which is a HUGE one for you ladies to avoid at all costs. This chemical is a complete endocrine disruptor and will play havoc with fertility, PCOS, and many other hormonal disorders. It will be found in most wheat products & oats, so ALWAYS opt for Glyphosate-free and do not be afraid to ask for this. Your health is important, and you deserve the best.

Lastly, I love SPRAY-FREE produce the most. We have so many small independent suppliers, and this way of growing is a huge win for me, as this means no chemicals have been used at all, and a lot of the time other farming techniques are used, like the use of good bugs to eat the bad bugs. It's a way to work with nature rather than against it, and the outcome is gut-healthy food that will not cause havoc in your body.

Lastly, do you get BUGS in organic & spray-free ingredients?

This is a HUGE battle for any organic grower, supplier, or consumer (you), as bugs LOVE organic ingredients because they can actually live on it.

Bugs are not DAFT; you will never get bugs noring down on chemical-laced ingredients they can't survive on, but we are sold this to eat (The mind boggles).

How can the bugs be avoided? As I get it, no one wants bugs. Use great storage; this helps heaps. But also, if you see a bug, remind yourself: wow, how amazing this produce must actually be.

In conclusion, when budgets are tight, we know cheap food heightens in demand. What I remind myself is, what else can I sacrifice first before I sacrifice the one thing that helps build me physically & emotionally?The quality of food should be the last sacrifice made, in my opinion.









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