10 Controversial hacks to storing your groceries

10 Controversial hacks to storing your groceries

Is organic worth the $$$ Reading 10 Controversial hacks to storing your groceries 3 minutes

Life's quirks: traffic jams, scalding bites, standing on plug sockets ouch, and bags that are that heavy they demand seatbelts.

But nothing beats the frustration of finding spoiled food in your fridge before you've even tasted it. That's why mastering food storage is vital.

We've got the scoop on stretching your groceries, saving money, and having fewer kitchen mishaps these hacks are a must try.

PRE-WARNING: Some may ruffle some feathers with the opposite protocol to what's been marketed for to believe.

1. Wash your berries in vinegar & store in container

Ditch the expensive veggie wash.  Berries: pricey and prone to mold. But fear not! Extend their lifespan by soaking them in a solution of one-part distilled vinegar to eight-parts water. No vinegar taste, just longer-lasting strawberries—up to two weeks longer!

2. Store nuts & Seeds in the fridge in an airtight container

Organic Produce is renowned for attracting bugs store the most vulnerable in the fridge.  Nuts & seeds stored will not only keep the grubs away but extend life span by unto 6 months wozerrr 

3. Store Your Onions in a Pair of Tights

Simply slide them in one by one, tying a knot between each onion, surprisingly, this method can extend their shelf life by up to eight months. Your family might raise an eyebrow at first, but soon they'll be following suit!

4. Store salad in containers topped with 1 sheet of paper towel

Place salad in a container & top with a sheet of kitchen roll to absorb excess moisture. This helps keep them fresh and prevents wilt. Plus, say goodbye to that weekend chore of cleaning out slimy spinach!

5. Treat Your Asparagus Like Flowers

When you snag a bundle of fresh asparagus at your neighborhood farmer's market, remember this: treat them like flowers! Trim the ends upon arrival, place them in a glass of water, and refrigerate. Voila! Hello Fresh crisp asparagus!

6. Store your bananas seperate in the fridge

Storing them away from other fruits not to be too nerdy but its to do with the ethylene gas. Anyway, storing them separately will prevent them from going too mush too soon

7. Store Natural nut butters upside Down

This is a game changer by doing this, the oil that naturally collects on top will instead work its and you can avoid having to re-blend later

8. Divide your fridge into Zones

Organisation makes it far easier to see your food and what to consume first. Label Storage containers so you know how long food has been there & you don't toss it 

9. Set your fridge at the ideal temperatures

If your fridge is too hot or too cold, it doesn't matter how well it's organized. Stuff will still spoil before it's supposed to. Best Temp fridge is 40oF Fridge temp & 0oF for the freezer 

10. Don't wash your fruit & veg until you are ready to eat them

Contrary to what we are told Avoid getting home from the store & pre-washing fruits and veggies after a shopping trip. Excess moisture can speed up mold or rot.



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