Raw Bulk Foods is a community start-up delivering zero waste dried goods from farm to your door, minus the junk, with the look, style & convenience we all love. 

I spent hours wondering how I would put into a couple paragraphs what "I" and us as a company stand for. The truth is, it's way too long for one page and it would totally undersell us. So, I decided to go against the grain.

I am not going to write all the sales jargon and use every buzz word surrounding sustainability, as I do not believe our planet needs more talkers or heavy sales pitches.

My promise to you is that I show up each day for you, our planet and future generations, minimising our environmental impact at every turn of our business whilst creating a company you feel proud to be a part of. My promise at the start of our Kickstarter campaign funded by you legends was to be transparent, make sustainability easy for you and the planet, whilst being steeped in style and class. This is what we will continue to do, pushing every boundary to hit our goals of removing 6.5 million single plastic packets from our oceans. 

I love the ocean & food of course - I live on the Sunny coast with my husband & two vizsla dogs. I have had the pleasure of travelling over 29 countries, and I can tell you first hand, hand on heart that this plastic pollution problem is real & affects the planet in places you would never envisage. 


So let's clean this planet up together, what do you say? 




Our mission is to
clean up the planet,
not spam your inbox!