We are leaving
nothing on the table

Transparent, controversial, Shocking & inspiring for you to leverage the knowledge to change your life

KICK-IT Tox is the opposite of your mainstream programme

It's controversial, challenging some of your ingrained belief systems. It will shock and inspire you, and everything in between. We're holding nothing back; I am removing the BS and providing knowledge underpinned by real independent data.

Kick-it Tox this is FOOD UNPLUGGED has the potential to change your life in numerous ways. I will be teaching and sharing what I have learnt over a decade of research, implementation, and refinement

I have never seen a PROGRAMME as potent as this within the food supply.

KICK-it Tox -Food Unplugged is for you if you:

✨ Want to learn real, transparent knowledge without any BS.

✨ Seek to challenge the status quo and your existing belief systems about the food supply & other purchases in the kitchen. (This part will blow your mind)

✨ Feel there's more to learn but unsure where to start; this is the place for you.

✨ Want to save money by cutting out unproven practices and focusing on essential hacks this alone will save you fortunes.

✨ There's more to learn than organic food - Here is how you save money

✨ Aim to learn strategies and swaps that can significantly impact and improve your life (and your families).

✨Uncover so many areas which are underpinned by independent data

How will it help you?

Understanding the food supply chain, recognising value, understanding where it's lacking, and unveiling the truth will open your eyes. You may think it's just about food, but what I will teach in this programme goes way beyond that.

The course has the potential to transform your health, relationships, financial situation, and happiness. Who knew food had such a profound effect?

What will KICK-IT TOX consist of?

There will be 2 live masterclasses and a Q&A session. I will only be opening this to a limited number to ensure impactful Q&As during the sessions.
I am limiting the numbers to provide you with the time you deserve, and the knowledge we share is potent. I have seen far too many masterclasses that are not impactful, oversubscribed, and frankly don't deliver knowledge that resonates with you which honestly is a waste.

I’ve decided to open up to less so you leave feeling Wow, that was worth it, my mindset has shifted to next level”

The Best Part

I will teach you over a decade of research that is not mainstream, readily available in a digestible manner. It's hard to know where to start so this is your place & if you are already well informed this programme will deepen your knowledge & confidence in what to buy & not.

You will walk away
inspired, informed, with money-saving tips and tricks, non-negotiables, and strategies.

What's included?

- 2 x 1-1.5 hours of impactful knowledge that you can digest, absorb, and listen to, so it truly resonates and changes your outlook.
- 1 x 1-hour Q&A session; we may run a second Q&A too.
- Direct access to me throughout the month of July.
- Lifetime access to content and classes.
- Early Bird price: $197 (until 7th June)- Increased price: $397

Dates 1st July, 8th July, 15th July 6pm QLD time