Unveiling Our collective August Impact: Saving 7,971 Plastic Bags and its Environmental Equivalent

Unveiling Our collective August Impact: Saving 7,971 Plastic Bags and its Environmental Equivalent

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A Closer Look at the CO2 Emissions Reduction and Plastic Waste Prevention Efforts

In our ongoing commitment to sustainability, reducing our environmental footprint and closing the loop on plastic waste we are thrilled to share the impactful results of our efforts in the month of August. By collectively saving 7,971 plastic bags from production, that means no new emissions for NEW plastic and goodbye to virgin plastic production. August has been a great month and I am very excited for the coming months as we approach the festive season to really increase and lead a movement to shop groceries this year minus the single use plastic.  Let's dive into the details of how these numbers translate into meaningful environmental benefits.

The Pantry Plastic Bag Tally: 7,971 Bags Saved

Soft plastic bags have long been notorious for their negative impact on the environment and are virtually impossible to recycle, yet our shelves are flooded with them. They contribute to pollution, harm wildlife, we even drink particles of them  gobsmacking I know and they take hundreds of years to decompose which then lead micro plastics which flood our waterways and we have no way to sieve them out. Here's the good news by choosing our RBF closed loop solution you put an end to this & this month alone our little Aussie business has successfully prevented the production of 7,971 plastic bags in August alone. This figure is testament to you and your dedication to making a tangible difference in the fight against plastic pollution.

The Environmental Equivalents: CO2 Emissions and Kilograms Saved

Now, let's put this achievement into perspective. The environmental impact of pantry plastic bags extends beyond just their physical presence. The production of plastic bags requires fossil fuels, such as oil and natural gas, which in turn releases CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. By avoiding the creation of these 7,971 plastic bags, we have mitigated the release of a significant amount of CO2.

While the exact amount of CO2 emissions reduction can vary based on several factors, including the type of plastic, the production process, and transportation, it is estimated that producing one pantry plastic bag generates approximately 5-10 grams of CO2. By saving 7,971 plastic bags, we've prevented the release of an estimated 39.855 to 79.71 kilograms of CO2. This is equivalent to taking a car off the road for a 380 to 563 kilometers wowww!

Furthermore by avoiding the production of 7,971 bags, we have prevented approximately 59.71 kilograms of plastic waste from entering our environment & our oceans. This means less plastic in landfills, oceans, and ecosystems, leading to a healthier planet for current and future generations.

Our Collective Impact and Ongoing Commitment

While the numbers are impressive, what truly matters is the collective impact of individuals, communities, and organisations coming together to make a difference. By choosing Raw Bulk Foods it's far more than a transaction it's a statement that you are supporting a move to closed loop and the rewards are astonishing for the environment and your own homes and families. 

As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainability. We will continue to explore innovative ways to reduce plastic usage, decrease CO2 emissions, and contribute positively to our environment.


RBF Conclusion

Firstly you rock if noone has yet told you today you are a superstar, let me the 1st because you really are: 

The numbers are in, and they speak volumes about your dedication to sustainability. By saving 7,971 plastic bags from production in August, we have not only prevented plastic waste but also significantly reduced CO2 emissions. These efforts underscore our and your commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and inspire us to strive for even greater achievements in the future. A huge thank you and Hug from me personally 

Steph, Founder & CEO xx

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