RBF Ocean Clean Up

RBF Ocean Clean Up

What is RBF Ocean Clean Up? This week, we take you international to discover the impact we are making through our ocean clean ups and how you are turning our dreams into reality!
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What is RBF ocean clean up? 

We have to be honest here, we can be control freaks when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of everything…especially when we are talking about the plastic that we are pulling out of our ocean and how this is finding its way to our refill bags.

The idea started in June 2021 thinking, imagine if everyone could shop plastic free in Australia… This obviously quickly spiralled into one, how do we stop production of single use plastic? And two, how do we pull it from the ocean with full control and transparency? 

You backed us. You believed in us. You made us happen. Raw Bulk Foods Online is not just our brand, it’s also yours. For every order and bag returned, it allows us to fund our ocean clean ups, which we can then reshape and reuse to make our epic refill bags that deliver your food!  

We want every single human to know that when you click the button and make the switch to Raw Bulk Foods, you will eat the best produce you have ever tasted in your life. Not only that, but you make the world a cleaner place, LITERALLY. You allow us to do our work of cleaning this planet up.

Did we tell you all our ingredients are organic & spray free? (Okay, we may have mentioned it once or twice...) 

Did I dream of cleaning rubbish for my future career?

I am not sure it was on the top of my career paths… However, there is no other place I’d rather be than paving the path for you, my nieces (youngsters), and other small to medium businesses.  We actually can’t wait until we can start to take you along with us! I better stay quiet now. 

We flew to Indonesia this week and travelled 4 hours west, where we witnessed the best and worst of humanity. Never in my life did I think fishing for PLASTIC would be a profession. Funding large scale ocean clean ups and providing jobs that better the planet are our foundation. When I started this crazy idea of how do I STOP all single use food packaging by re-engineering our trash and using materials we already have circulating our earth, I was naive to the severity of our TRASH problem. The good news is we are the first in the food industry to be stepping towards a closer solution to fixing the single use plastic problem each day. 

Have we fixed it?... Hell no! Are we closer to it than we were yesterday? Hell yes!  

Why Bali?

Our ocean, their ocean, his ocean, her ocean… You get the picture - it’s one ocean. The ocean is moving so quickly. To give it some context, the ocean is moving at a rate of 50km - 120km a day. Yes, per day! Some parts of the ocean are moving as fast as 1km per 10 seconds…Unreal. 

So why Indonesia? Firstly, it has a very close place to our heart like it does with many other Aussies. Creating jobs here not only helps the ocean health drastically, it also gives whole communities purpose. Full transparency, in Australia we would really struggle financially to move the needle on the plastic pollution problem. This is because the cost to recover plastic is so high and these jobs are very manual, which means we cannot compete with the mine site salaries that also require these skills.

We couldn’t be more excited for the future with you, and our team globally, as we work together towards a cleaner planet!   

The Goal

6.5 million single use plastic packets. Give it to us in KG... Ready? Drum roll... 260,000 KG!


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