6 Game Changing Pantry Hacks

6 Game Changing Pantry Hacks

Our top 6 hacks to give your pantry the makeover it's been waiting for, without breaking the bank!

There is no better feeling than stepping back and admiring a freshly organised pantry… But how long does it take before you find yourself shoving packets to the back again, only to discover them months later when they’re expired?

Whether you have a large walk-in pantry or a cramped cupboard, we’re giving you our top 6 pantry hacks to give your pantry an organisation makeover without having to take out a loan!

1. Clear jars or containers

Not only does it look pretty, but storing your food in airtight containers or jars also extends food shelf life and keeps out any little bugs that might sneak their way in. You can also easily see exactly what you have and keep an eye on when things need stocking up, instead of ending up with 3 half empty packets of flour! Our lifetime jars have been designed to perfection as they are all airtight and stackable (and look bloody beautiful), but you can also clean and repurpose any old mix-matched jars to use for no cost. 


I’m not going to lie, I have ruined a bunch of muffins before by adding salt instead of sugar… So I highly recommend if you complete hack number 1 - that you quickly follow this with labelling so that you can enjoy your baked goods 😂 You’ll find many labelling options in the stationary aisle of most stores but our favourite and most environmentally friendly choice is a chalk pen. They are super easy to write on jars with and can also easily be cleaned off if you are switching ingredients! You can even use these to write the date on your jars of when you filled them or if you know the expiry date.

3. Lazy (yet organised) Susan

I think Susan deserves a little more credit… This is an organisation game changer! A lazy susan is the perfect solution for those hard to reach corners or deep shelves that you can’t quite see or easily reach into. Great for spices, sauces, cans or any other item that ends up shoved to the back of the pantry! 

4. Create tiered shelves

If you are struggling for space, create tiered shelves either DIY with wood offcuts stacked up to create levels, or you can purchase shelf risers in most homeware stores. Much like the lazy susan, this stops things from getting lost at the back of the pantry and looks epic when used for storing spices.

5. Utilise the door

This is where you can get creative and think outside of the kitchen… A magazine holder, shoe rack or wall hooks would all create great storage space for snacks, spices or even non-food items like tote bags. You could also turn this dead door space into a chalkboard to keep on top of your shopping list or your weekly meal plans to stay super organised! 

6. Baskets or bins

If you hate crouching down or have a top shelf that you can’t reach right to the back of, this hack is for you! Add a few large baskets to the bottom of your pantry that you can easily slide out to store those bulky or less frequently used items. You can also use baskets for the harder to reach top shelf (I recommend them for lighter items if you are reaching overhead), or use a wicker basket to store special treats for the kids that you might not want them finding! 

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