What are your Refill bags made from?

Great question Ocean plastic and recycled waste, we create with materials that already exist to make our epic bags

Why not manufacture in Australia?

We explored this to start with and found we would have to import materials to then produce which would increase our footprint. Affordability is also at the heart of what...

Why not produce your bags in Australia?

Total transparency, this made no sense it would mean us flying ocean plastics and materials around the world to get to us here to then make them and claim we are...

Where are the refill bags produced?

We responsibly our bags in China, they are handmade individually which greatly minimises our impact and eliminates a lot of heavy machiney emissions

Will you produce these in Australia?

If we can move our production of the lifetime Jars locally that is sustainable for you, our business and the planet we will definitely explore this.

Why not manufacture in Australia?

Where are our Lifetime Jars manufactured?

We responsibly source our Lifetime Jars in China, as this is where we source all our reused materials to make them Pretty & Chiq Lifetime jars that exist today  

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