Dogs & Cats

Dogs & Cats


      hey planeteers 👋

      Let's be honest if your anything like us our dogs eat better than us! A shop should include something for the fur babies in the family.  If we had tails they would be wagging right now as we approach the end of testing our plastic free supplier bags with a Aussie based dog & cat treat company! 

      Why do we test? Plastic serious talk there is no doubt plastic was made to be robust, that's exactly why it doesn't disappear, for that reason why our ocean creatures are swallowing 1000s of pieces everyday.  

      This means we have to test rigorously with some ingredients & suppliers to ensure we can keep freshness without the plastic. 

      Nobody are fans of soggy treats!

      We already have a tonne of Plastic Busting ingredients, and more high flying ingredients coming! 

      We have worked our butts off to be stocking such a large range with the first plastic free, zero waste supply chain!

      O yes did we mention we think you are a real life super HERO backing us, cleaning up the ocean and opting to buy your staples this way!

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